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Suppliers & Distributors of wide range of industrial instrumentation and automation products

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Services Offered

• Installations

• Repairs

• Commissioning

• Panel Building and Wiring

• Off and On Site Calibrating of all Instruments

• Rapid breakdown Assistance

• Turn-Key Solutions

• Process and Factory Automation

• Rapid Parts supply and Repair – Instrumentation, Electrical and
   Pneumatics and Valves

• Plant Engineering and Consultation

• Plant Design and Upgrade

Marlyn Instrumentation CC has been offering a wide range of experience in the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, Sales and Services fields.  

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Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation sales and services

Marlyn Instrumentation CC represents a wide range of brands and products, in the Pulp and Paper, Food, Mining, Chemical, Armournents, Refinery, Power generation, Water treatment and Board manufacturing industries, allowing technical and commercial knowledge to offer representative support.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves with excellent service, and competitive product pricing. Due to our extensive experience in the industrial instrumentation and process control, we can offer efficient breakdown assistants as well as a consultation service, offering solutions for both plant optimization and improvement.

We supply and support a large number of brands, allowing precise selection for your most demanding applications.